What is Regenerative Marketing?

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Regenerative Marketing is about nurturing communities and building local prosperity.

The outcomes of regenerative marketing include value creation for customers, employees, and local communities. 

The question we ask first is: where is value being created, and for whom? If there is little or no value being created for the local community, then we’re deliberately building an extractive, or worse, a degenerative – economy.

Regenerative marketing must – by definition – build community wealth.

The central issue is community wealth: how is it built? How do we circulate money within the local economy? Is it sustainable?

We must address community value-creation by asking the obvious questions:

How is the community managed?
How are government revenues used?
How are business profits generated?
What is the role of the non-profit sector?
How does local entrepreneurship create community resilience?
What is the quality of life for members of the community?
How do we treat the weakest members of the community?
What must be done to contribute to the health of the local ecosystems – social, economic, and natural?

How do we work together? Where to begin?

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