What can you do?

If you’re a community leader, download our free “one-page” regeneration exploration guidelines:

The Regenerative Marketing Institute is not a traditional think tank or consulting service. We prefer to build community-based ecosystems to empower local leaders and organizations.

Our approach depends on the community we are working with. We follow a practical approach based on bringing community stakeholders together to build trust and collaboration.

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What we do

We work with the community and its members to bring them together to find common ground. Business is just one stakeholder amongst the many.

We help institutions create regeneration projects which work primarily on the “jobs-to-be done” for the community.

If you’re a business, we help you figure out how to be truly regenerative.

We are not an ad agency or a marketing firm. We are a collective of like-minded individuals and organizations interested in saving the Planet.

We also create regenerative-learning events along with our academic and institutional partners – under the Common Home umbrella.

COMMON HOME 2023: The Age of Regeneration event was held on May 25 – at Luiss Guido Carli – in Rome.

In 2022, we were instrumental in organizing Common Home 1.

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