REGENERATION: The Future of Community in a Permacrisis World
by Christian Sarkar, Philip Kotler, Enrico Foglia


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Extinction or REGENERATION?

There is no other way. 

For forty years the institutions of the world have worked to “mitigate” climate change with no results – or worse – failure to stop the rapid destruction of the ecosystems which keep us all alive. Leaders and businesses have largely ignored the cries of our dying planet. A desperate scientific community has taken up arms to spread the word, but the media is deaf, and worse. Our politicians ignore the future for their own selfish interests.

How can we protect Nature and build a future based on the Common Good?

Where to begin? Is collapse inevitable?

Can business be regenerative? What does the road look like beyond sustainability? What examples are available for us to learn from?

Community regeneration offers a path to renewal beginning with you – your friends, and the community around you. This books an exploration of the topic – with deep dives into various methods and tactics that have worked in different communities. 

In this book, we begin to explore the following:

  • One, understand the various definitions for regeneration and understand why regeneration means regenerating the Common Good. What will it take to make the Big Shift to regeneration?
  • Second, how do we regenerate a community? Place-based regeneration is a critical capability we need now.
  • Third, what is a regenerative organization? How can a business become responsive to the needs of the community, society, and nature?
  • Fourth, what does regenerative leadership look like? Can politics be regenerative?
  • Fifth – what is regenerative innovation?
  • Sixth – can our economy ever become regenerative? What will that take?
  • Finally, we look at the lessons from Palermo. What can we do in our neighborhoods? What is the role of the local entrepreneur in building community wealth? We highlight a number of organizations we found during our regenerative project in Palermo.

Written as a follow-up to their book on Brand Activism, this book explores how local, community-based efforts at renewal can become transformative across society. Joining forces with Philip Kotler are Christian Sarkar and Enrico Foglia. Together they are work on regeneration strategies for government, organizations, and communities – via the Regeneration Marketing Institute (a vehicle to promote the paradigm shift we so require now).

Don’t despair. 

Mars can wait. We can still save this beautiful planet – the only world we’ve got.


“You have blown my mind and radically expanded my aperture on regeneration by reading this fascinating book! The breadth of the book is astounding and the examples are both compelling and inspirational. The book covers a wide canvas of dimensions with insightful examples of different types of regeneration projects. I was fascinated by the examples of cultural regeneration as a tool 
to create community value. I couldn’t put the book down.”

– John Seely Brown
Chief of Confusion,
former Independent Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, former Chief Scientist at Xerox, former Director of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)


“Now is not the time for minor alterations at the periphery of our organizations, governments and institutions. In the face of climate crisis, rising inequality and a host of other issues, we require thinking and insights which enable us as individuals and communities to re-generate. This book is as inspiring as it is practical. It is the way forward to true re-generation.”

– Stuart Crainer 
co-founder, Thinkers50


“This splendid book is a guide to understand the present and to design the future.  The authors have developed and used ”regenerative marketing” principles to provide locals with tools to combine roots and wings to build an intercultural and interdependent community. Particular gratitude to the illustrious authors for seeing, in the City of Palermo and in my cultural and political experience, a vision that has taken shape and will increasingly become a future project for Palermo and for every urban reality on the planet.”

 Leoluca Orlando
former Mayor, City of Palermo


“A timely guide, charting a new path forward for marketing in the this crisis-ridden world.  Marketing now becomes a force of resilience and regeneration: to engage rather than ignore the challenges of climate, complexity, community, and (de)globalization, at the dawn of the Age of AI – from the people who wrote the textbook on mass marketing (literally).”

– Daniel Erasmus
futurist, founder of planetary scale AI


“What does regenerative innovation mean?  It is outcome-driven innovation (ODI) applied to regeneration projects. The goals of regeneration are embedded into the outcomes we want to achieve. So, if we know what targets we need to hit, the chances of hitting them increase dramatically.

This book hits the target on the imperative of regeneration, the Job-to-Be-Done of our time.”

 Anthony Ulwick
founder, Strategyn


“The message of regeneration is an ancient one – we are all interconnected, and what we do to one we do to all. TheEarth Crisis we are experiencing is a tragic result of the absence of True Democracy.  This book helps us rethink everything from the ground up.  There is no time to waste – we must stop the destruction of Nature and our communities now.”

 David Hinds
Steel Pulse


“In a world dominated by discourse on solving yesterday’s problems, this refreshing and game-changing book tackles the biggest questions of our time. The book represents a gallant attempt to shift our much-needed attention toward a stream of issues on how we can use community to build a regenerative agenda that protects nature and builds the basis for a common good. The inspirational ideas reflect insights from an eclectic group of authors and constituents, pooling their wisdom to show us a way toward constructing the next society. Their efforts represent a timely and practical step toward the regeneration momentum needed to create a truly prosperous society.”

– Joseph Pistrui
Co-Founder, Kinetic Thinking
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, IE University